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help - A quick introduction: (New video coming soon!)

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How to set as your browser's start page:

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How can I get updates when you add new sites/features?

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Does have keyboard support?

Help Keyboard

Yep! Typing 1,2,3,4 or a,s,d,f on your keyboard will launch its respective site. Type c to bring up the config panel.

Can you add ______________ site?

We are striving to have the most popular sites available to add as your faves. Feel free to suggest what you'd like to see, but please see this list first

The site isn't saving my faves!

Please make sure you have cookies enabled. Here's how to re-enable them.

I've got looking pretty sweet. Where can I show it off?

You can post it to this flickr group or just upload a picture and send at note to @myfav_es on twitter.

I'm not seeing some of the newly added sites. What should I do?

Completely close your browser. Reopen, then hit shift+reload.

Where did you get those snazzy icons for the custom sites

Most are from Helveticons. Buy 'em here.

Can I modify the URL of one of my faves?

Sure, here's how.

I'd like to open in every new tab, not just my homepage. Is this possible?

Fine internet citizen @thunsaker has made a Google Chrome Extension to do just that. For Firefox simply use this add-on (Thanks to the honorable @timmytyler91 for the tip!).